Credit Check


Among the extensive information, you may find these:

  • DataCheck Risk Bar
  • General Details
  • Restricted Bank Accounts
  • Information On Execution
  • Information On Bankruptcy
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Legal Information
  • Information On Employment
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Companies Holding
  • Social Tracking

FAQ & Examples

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Reports on an Israeli resident include an examination of the individual, while mainly focuses on its financial characteristics, alongside other general properties. In the report, you will find different factors, all of which conclude to a risk score and action recommendations.

We examine a variety of aspects of the subject, and provide you with valuable information - ranging from general background on the subject, legal information, limited bank accounts, bankruptcy information, insolvency information, companies owned , Mortgages, and so on. Press here for detailed information
Among the extensive information, you may find these:

  • DataCheck Risk Bar
  • Restricted bank accounts
  • Information on execution
  • Information on bankruptcy
  • Valid driver's license
  • Year of Birth
  • Legal Information
  • Information on employment (employee / independent)
  • Other relevant information
  • Companies Holding
  • Social Tracking

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No! Our reports are made with absolute discretion. There is no such way for the individual to know that a report was issued.

The CreditScore/CreditCheck report allows you to perform a background check and financial stability check on an Israeli citizen.

Whether the individual is a tenant, a job candidate, a person who gives you a check or receives credit, or even a licensed dealer - you deserve to know his background and financial stability.

After completing the order process, and according to the report of your choice, we will make an effort to send the report as soon as possible to the email address you provided at the time of order.

Sometimes the report is sent on the spot, sometimes within a few hours, and in some cases where there is difficulty in getting the information from the official records, the report can be delayed and sent within a business day.

Please take into consideration that all of the reports are based in some way on governmental databases (among private unique databases). Each report is reviewed before submission in order to provide you with the latest and most reliable information.